Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A Little Twitter Experiment: @koreankorean. Learn One Korean Word a Day. it's been a while since i posted here, hasn't it? in all honesty, what we're about to talk about was just an experiment. it was an idea, born over a meal of korean food and the result of talk of wanting to bone up on our korean language skills (which admittedly stink.) but what an interesting little experiment this has become. the thought was to start a twitter feed dedicated to learning new vocabulary words - in korean. one word a day. we'd provide the world spelled in korean. a romanized pronunciation. + the definition. and here was the first tweet: @koreankorean. and it's taken on a life of it's own. firstly, of course, @korean was taken. as was @koreanvocab. none of the logical choices were available to me. so @koreankorean it was. and 319 tweets later, 77 days after we got started, we have 1,161 followers and the community continues to grow. daily, we receive anywhere from two to 10 questions via the @-reply feature, or via direct messages with the requests ranging from translations, to explanation of the the language and sentence structure to pronunciation. ultimately, what i've learned is that this is an exercise in community building, folks. find people who are interested in similar issues. build influence by sharing knowledge. and so now? we have relationships with over a thousand people who were complete strangers previously - brought together by shared interests. and because we've shared our knowledge, @koreankorean is looked to as a guide, a...

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