Monday, 04 May 2009

More on Diversity: I'm Not a Sell Out. I Just Play the Game. last night, i was putting the final touches on a presentation deck for a career development workshop my firm is hosting in conjunction with the Lagrant Foundation. for those not in the PR or advertising industry, Lagrant is an amazing organization whose mission is to increase the number of ethnic minorities in public relations and advertising by providing scholarships, career development workshops, professional development, mentors and internships. we're hosting 40 or so students from DC area universities for a half-day session (plus lunch! free food!) where i'm having our CEO, our NYC office managing director/chief diversity officer and a slew of others from my firm talk with the students on a range of topics to equip them with tools and a realistic picture of what it's like to work in the PR industry. we'll end the day with my team talking about how they can set themselves apart as candidates and the basics of entering into the world of PR. the content of much of the workshop isn't particularly groundbreaking - and we've done many similar talks for recruiting purposes with other student groups... but today's session feels different because it's with Lagrant students - all minorities. and more than anything, i'm really pleased about the level of access they are getting to our senior leaders in hopes that we can begin building relationships with all of them... because this is exactly what i think the best diversity programs are made of - access and relationship building. that all being...

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