Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Digital Communication Skills? i work for a PR firm by day and this means i mostly recruit communications professionals. you must be able to write well and communicate messages clearly to hack it in our industry. we evaluate prospective hires for their writing skills, and on the job, we work to constantly refine and develop writing and speaking skills. all we have is our word, after all. through the hashtagsocialmedia UnPanel i moderated earlier today, the idea developed that perhaps it's not going to be only written and verbal communication skills that we evaluate and prize in the future though... instead it might be : written communication verbal communication digital communication this trio, and simply the idea of digital communication being a new skill or competency is interesting to me because as social media tools infect organizations more deeply, there are certainly questions and concerns about exactly how you cultivate a culture that's ripe for social media... and there are always immediate concerns of whether there's a digital divide and whether a lack of technical skills will be what stops one from successfully implementing, scaling, and using social media tools. but technical skills isn't really the issue, is it? you don't have to know how it works to operate in a culture of social media - you just have to be willing and able to use it... so it's more a notion of digital literacy or simply skill in digital communication that you need to cultivate. i scanned the web real quickly to...
Does a Recruiter or a Company Own Candidate Relationships? What About Your Twitter Followers? when i was speaking at a recruiting/HR networking group last week, one of the things i asked the group to consider before jumping into social media (particularly to source and recruit candidates) is whether you do it as an individual, or more systematically as an organization. on the surface, it seems like a somewhat simple, albeit practical, question. do i create a personal twitter account with my name? or do i create one that incorporates my company's name? jumping in as an organization and implementing a social recruiting road map as an organization is a bit tougher, particularly in large organizations. you may need to consider legal, marketing and scalability across geographic areas and/or business units. jumping in as an individual though? seemingly easy. just sign up! but this too poses a bit of a problem, especially when you think about the "portability" of candidates and communities. let's think this through... someone asked in that same session how i thought people found me on twitter and why did i think they chose to follow me. i said that that if i had to guess... 40% follow me because of their interest in PR and/or my company specifically 20% follow me because they are DC based, and the other 40% or so follow me because they are recruiters or HR pros or otherwise somehow tied to the field (career advice, workplace issues, etc.) and this is probably roughly how the subjects/topics of my tweets i put out break down as well....

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