Monday, 06 April 2009

6 Social Media Myths Explored - So Stop Making Them Your Objections for Jumping In! i'm a presenting in a few days at Bob Corlett's Project SAME, a DC area networking group for HR/staffing pros, on the topic of... drum roll please....! jumping into social media for HR peeps. i've already blogged about message one of the presentation - it's time to change your tune. HR isn't about just HR anymore - HR has to be about marketing, and that's is why social media has to matter to you. and in thinking about how to transition into the next part of the presentation - the actual tools - i find myself wondering if the next logical step is actually addressing the hesitations and objections. i was inspired by a presentation that my friend Ben Gotkin of RSM McGladrey just did at the 2009 Spring ERE Expo on implementing a social media recruiting plan. (thanks to the power of the interwebs, i could watch the conference being streamed on ERE's website! here's Ben's session.) Ben talked a bit about objections or hurdles for making the jump into social media recruiting - because yes, people find it confusing, or overwhelming. i did at first too! and based on questions asked in the audience even at the end of Ben's presentation, i realized that there are a LOT of myths about social media - regardless of whether you're considering using it for recruiting, or anything else. so, let's debunk them. myth #1: it's only for extroverts. i'd argue it's a mix of extroverts and introverts both engaging in...

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