Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The First Labor Negotiation I Ever Participated In... Water in the Face. yes, mainstream media and the blogosphere are both all abuzz about the Employee Free Choice Act. much of the conversation is centered around the card check/secret ballot provision - but what many would agree upon is that one of the most troubling pieces of the EFCA is related to the time limits that are imposed upon the negotiation of first time contracts. so what exactly are we dealing with? the EFCA would only allow a company and union 90 days to negotiate a first-time collective bargaining agreement. if unsuccessful after 90 days, either party can demand mediation. and if after 30 days mediation doesn't work? a contract is essentially handed down by a federal arbitrator in a process called “interest arbitration.” read more here. 90 days doesn't seem to phase everyone - but what most don't realize is that first time contracts are rarely negotiated after one year - it takes longer if it happens at all. folks argue that the lengthy process is ever more reason to require contacts to be negotiated within 90 days - but if you've never participated in a contract negotiation then sure... it's easy to say get it done in 90 days but let me tell you a little story... **** the first labor negotiation i participated in... eye opening, to say the least. it was a first time contract for a new bargaining unit that had been established, and the result of years and years of organizing. we already had a dozen or...

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