Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Women Are Mean - But That Doesn't Mean You Should Stay Away. i'm slightly ashamed to admit it, but i've now watched several seasons of Bravo's reality show, the Real Housewives. it's entertaining, it's a little pitiful, and it's at times like watching a train wreck bound to happen... mouth open, jaw to the floor, eyes wide open. this particular episode i was watching, these ladies were scheming to take each other down through games and shame. you could see, ever so clearly, that the impetus of the game was the insecurity of one particular woman who worried she was no longer the prettiest of the crew. how awful, right? and it cemented something i hate to admit but that there's some truth to: girls and women are mean to one another. grown women included. what's so wrong with us? i've been thinking about this issue - women and their relationships with one another. the cat fights, and the cattiness, and the inability to get along - ever since reading a posting from the Nobscot blog written by their CEO, Beth Carvin. she had written something in response to a posting that Penelope Trunk had written about career advice for women. Beth wrote: "In a recent post, [Penelope] lambastes five career tips often given to women in the workplace. Along with ignoring the Best Companies for Women lists, she also suggests that women should avoid women-only networking groups. She states two reasons: women don't have as many connections as men and women are not supportive of other women." from Penelope's blog, she...

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