Friday, 23 January 2009

My Hypertext Mind, Your Onboarding Program. i'm starting to put the finishing touches on my presentation for the IQPC Onboarding Seminar next week. in a few previous blog postings, i covered some pieces of the talk including what HR's role in onboarding is (or isn't!), and then a personal anecdote on helicoptor parents and how they possibly have impacted gen y in the workplace. even though i am close to wrapping this deal up, i keep struggling with how much empahsis to really put on gen y - because aren't we all generationed out? the hype about this generation or that generation could be seen largely as a media construct... and i truly think that the reality is that while we may work differently or have different attitudes, you can't make generalizations or sweeping statements about an entire generation. i also hate, hate, hate getting pigeon holed into being one thing or another. that aside, it's still hard to ignore that we've got four different generations co-existing in the workplace. but what does that really mean? in my opinion, i think the best place to go with that fact is that we simply have a lot of diversity in the workplace including differing work styles, varying levels of expectations, and different learning styles at play. and from an onboarding perspective, i think this means flexibility in your approach is important. some traits will be heavily prominent among one generation, and some will be universal. one trait that i do think is important to consider is the...

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