Monday, 08 December 2008

Ahem. Sexual Harassment Still is Relevant. I swear! somehow, i was a little late to this story... in November, a UCLA professor had written an op-ed in the LA Times declaring that sexual harassment training is a sham, and that on principle, he was refusing to partake in any such training. he called it "worthless" and "a childish piece of theater, an insult to anyone with a respectable IQ, primarily designed to relieve the university of liability in the case of lawsuits." i wanted to gag reading his piece. what an idiot. true. sexual harassment training often is born out of liability. someone gets harassed, and organizations respond by offering or mandating training to prevent any such situations from arising in the future. it's what most any employment attorney will recommend. basic stuff. but the reality is, people still get sexually harassed on the job and people still need to be educated about what sexual harassment is, what it is isn't, how to spot it, how to prevent it and the appropriate response. before moving to DC, i spent a few years as an in a dual role managing recruiting efforts + serving as an EEO officer... the latter was a fancy title, but essentially, i was responsible for investigations and education on all EEO matters, including sexual harassment. most people go through a few sexual harassment trainings in their professional life - yet there are still always facets of harassment that people would be surprised by in trainings including...: sure! complimenting someone on their outfit can be...

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