Monday, 01 December 2008

So, Say an Employee of Yours Shoots Himself in the Leg... Your Response Would Be? sometimes, people do really dumb things and wind up in the news. oh, people like Plaxico Burress for example. hopefully you've not been under a rock the past few days and (at minimum) his name is ringing a bell with you. but if you have been holed up in some cave, read about this NFL pro shooting himself in the leg here and here. the latter link in particular had some good tidbits from an employee relations/employer branding standpoint - because really, what are you to do if you are the employer of a visible (or not!) person who has done something incredibly stupid that's landed them AND you all over the news? would you think about your employment brand? i mean, come on! think of the possible taint! could you continue selling "the experience" of working at your company? you, a world-class organization full of the best and brightest in the business? it's kinda tough to say that with a straight face if your [employment] brand is all over the news, isn't it? yep, i do think that there is such a thing as bad press. Michael McCann, a law professor at Boston College, who wrote the article i linked to, raises a nice and simple point about how employee conduct affects the integrity of the employer's brand. and the NFL even has policy addressing this. says McCann on the policy: "NFL personnel [including players are] obligated to avoid any conduct detrimental to the integrity of, and public...

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