Monday, 10 November 2008

A Big, Fat FAIL. there are days i feel like an absolute failure on the job... like when: i have to pick the phone and call a 3rd party recruiter for help a person i've hired is leaving the company for reasons we probably could have controlled someone i've hired is having performance/behavioral/attitude troubles half of my job is recruiting. the other half is a mish-mash of stuff - some training and development, some employee relations, some organizational development. and the upside of being more of a generalist? i can stay connected, intimately connected. once i bring someone in the door, i'm usually pretty in-tune with what's happening with their career and development. i know their ups and downs. and when it comes to them, or their boss, planning for their next step, i can be pretty involved as i know their background, their motivations, their strengths and their weaknesses. this is the ideal job model to me - talent acquisition pros should be involved in activities that affect retention and development because otherwise, you don't really see the big picture of your talent and organization. the downside? it's too easy to take things personally. when someone who i worked hard to hire isn't working out as expected and maybe we have to address some performance challenges, or maybe when someone decides to leave... i feel like i've personally done something wrong and that i've failed. i must have missed something during the selection process related to their values and motivations. or perhaps my...
Recruiting in DC Post-Election. It's All Politics. back in june, the justice department had come under fire for "illegal hiring." recaps of the issue can be found here or here. essentially, the gist was that folks at the JOD had illegally used “political or ideological” factors to hire new staff using methods including tapping law schools with conservative leanings, or weeding out individuals whose resumes demonstrated a liberal bent. maybe being in DC has jaded me a bit when it comes to politics... but i was surprised that this was such big news to anyone. and maybe i thought this was just always an unspoken thing we all knew, but DC is a political machine and whoever occupies the oval office, i figure there's a natural trickle down to all agencies. not to say that it's right that agencies and departments would overtly weed out people of the opposite political party or with conflicting values and beliefs... but people gravitate towards like-minded or similar people. if you have two individuals who are equally qualified to do a job, chances are you'll hire the one who is more like you because you like them better and it's a better fit. then there's the issue of referrals... let's say someone is a political appointee... you have 1600+ individuals in the federal government appointed into roles who forgo senate confirmation or a traditional federal hiring process - and these are all high-level folks who will inevitably have staff of their own they want to bring in or will need to...

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