Tuesday, 04 November 2008

Over @ Fistful of Talent - Confucious Says... Cultures (and Candidates) Vary In Their Willingness to Negotiate... the other week, on Fistful of Talent, i wrote about how culture impacts one's communication style. specifically, we were discussing pay negotiations and my take was that as HR pros, we should be cognizant of the fact that not all candidates can and will negotiate. the conversation that followed the post in the comments section was great. receiving feedback from readers is something i enjoy - in particular though, getting people talking about intercultural comms was awesome. something that i wanted to repost here was in response to a comment Kris Dunn from the HR Capitalist wrote. KD commented, "How many times did you negotiate today? I just counted and came up with four. And if I didn't do it, I would have been tire-tracked and ended up with poor results. That's a learned skill over time. Like you and I talked about recently, I came from VERY private parents - you didn't ask others for things, you made do with what you had. That's my family, and it gave me some great qualities to be successful with in life." KD made an excellent point to which i responded that something i came to the realization to about four years ago was that if i was raised culturally to be one way but in the business world, that way didn't jive, or that in order to be successful i might have to act another way... it wasn't necessarily compromising myself to act the "other" way, different from how i was...

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